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Just as a point of clarification John, the UCC was enacted on April 2004. The UCC is the IBC minus chapter one that was substituted by the state with their own version on chapter one(this has created an issues since chapter one of the IBC references other codes like the national fire code and the state chapter one does not. When the IBC would be adopted by a municipal authority we would say that the other codes are adopted by reference. This is not the case now and has left holes in the UCC). The UCC has been amended several times by the state legislator, in most case to the determent of the code and the benefit of special interest groups. The UCC automatically updates to the current version of the IBC(IRC) on December 31 of the year the new code comes out. Any home or subdivision that was approved or under contract prior to December 31 2006 is still permitted to build to the 2003 IRC (with the state modifications).

Just for an example I did a final walk through this morning in a sub division that was approved in July 2006. That was built to the 2003 IRC and the rest of the 140 home will be as well. There will be home being built well into the end of 2008 still being built on the 2003 code. What a mess! I did a pre dry wall this afternoon (third house out of 65) that also will be built to the 2003 code.
So just a point of caution in PA know what code the builder is being held to before you make a call.
It could be a long time in PA before I see a combination ARC fault breaker. The disconnect for the florescent light is a commercial issue and I don’t do commercial.


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The requirements will be imposed on all electrical work for which an application for a UCC building permit is made on or after January 1, 2008.

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