Code of Ethics

Home Inspectors aren’t trades people nor are we contractors, we are professionals who get paid to assess the condition of a property based on a set of published guidelines which include a Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics which is interpreted by the public as a Standard of Care.

Although many of us hold other licenses we as a group have purposefully decided that when we are acting as an inspection professional we will not engage in the conflict of interest connected with offering to perform repair work on properties we have inspected.

In general home inspection professionals hold a fairly lofty place in the public eye and one of the reasons for our high regard lies in the fact that we have chosen to shun the potential impropriety of working simultaneously toward discordant purposes. Adopting this noble goal as a centerpiece of our Code of Ethics has produced absolutely no downside to our profession and has engendered trust.

It would be a tragedy if we were to allow a group of displaced contractors the power to modify our prime directive so they can bilk the public for repair work by using home inspections as a marketing tool. Knowing what we know and the potential for Biblical disaster to our profession which could accompany such a decision it is hard for me to believe we are still daily beating this dead horse.

Personally I see no reason not to show the door to anyone who refuses to adopt, promote and abide by this code which has served our profession so well.

Very well stated. One of few times that I agree with you 1,000% !

Well said Joe :slight_smile:

Is it a noble practice to impersonate others? I want to file a complaint. Show you that door you are talking about. Anyone who wants to see how noble this guy is check out the above link and see what he was spewing last night. It does look according to the web site that you were attempting to become a contractor once. I guess that was a little tougher that proclaiming loudly I am a Home Inspector. I am a Home Inspector.I am a Home Inspector. Which I believe were the requirements at the time you started out.

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I suggest everyone do the same.

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:roll: joe you sure are one class act. So you never answered, what do you have to say about impersonating me in a post? I would think making a fradulent quote about someone would be against the C.O.E.

Good news. :smiley:

I guess he wasn’t feeling the love huh?

It’s tough serving two masters especially where money is concerned.

Only temporary until the check gets there. What about impersonating me Joe.

Waiting… no answer maybe if you do not answer I will just stop pointing it out. No way. Everyone be sure to check joey’s rants from last night they were great. He did try to delete most of them but you can see them in his quotes.

Thats what happens when you only charge $5 for a inspection. :shock::mrgreen:

Well put Joe!!

It’s a shame so many either don’t understand the meaning of “conflict of interest”, or just don’t care. NACHI, ASHI, NAHI and any other Inspection Association worth anything address this issue in their COE, yet there are still those that publicly yell “to hell with your rules, I have my own playbook” and continue to get away with it and call themselves “Certified Inspectors”. :mad:

Put it to rest. You were not a member on the 10th and still not a member, so your claim against Joey is laughable.

I was just busting his balls. I did not really care and know nothing would happen anyway.