code on piers and girders

Can anyone verify the info I got second hand from a builder?

The builder says that a girder does not have to bear on the center third of a pier as per the 2009 IRC, it only was in the 2002 IRC. He says the pier must be on the center third of the footer as per the 2009 IRC and the girder just has to “not hang off the edge” of the pier.


I see this all the time, however unless the pier it out of plumb by more than 3/8" and there isnt sufficient footing profection, I don’t push the issue simply because I believe it will not adversely affect the structural performance of the home (you can take a 4" approved lally column and get the same affect). An SE will advise that it bear on the middle third regardless of code because depending on the size of the footing, it technically can affect the footing. If you want to be a stickler you can check the projection width around the foundation… rarely do they ever get it right.

When was the house built.

New house in Concord, permit probably pulled mid to late 2009.

It is a short span triple LVL, under the base of the staircase.
I just reported that it could be an issue during resale and needs an engineers letter or correction.

Looks like the 2006 code got softer on this.

Dave Hahn and Bruce Ramsey covered this over at Inspection News, here is what Dave posted before:

"Looking back, the old 1997 NC Building Code (based on CABO Vol VII) and subsequent 2002 NC Building Code (based on 2000 IRC) had the provision you are looking for in Footnote #3 of Table 403.1a:

“Centers of piers shall bear in the middle 1/3 of the footings, and girders shall bear in the middle 1/3 of the piers, except exterior girders. Footings shall be full thickness over the entire area of the footing.”

But starting with the 2006 NC Residential Code, the same footnote changed to:
“Centers of piers shall bear in the middle 1/3 of the footings. Girders must have full bearing on piers. Footings shall be full thickness over the entire area of the footing.”
(originally posted by Dave Hahn over on IN)

What’s a “footer” Bruce :mrgreen:

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In California it means “cracked footing”. :smiley:

The number one definition of footer here is footing:

Its another form of the word foot that is also very commonly used to describe part of a foundation.

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In CA this wouldn’t be an issue in new construction. The hardware can’t be fastened if the components aren’t lined-up. . .