Code Requirement for pigtailing Aluminum Wiring

Is there a code requirement to pigtail an electrical system with aluminum wiring?

No, there is not.

The mix of Copper & Aluminum is a concern…
(older Split Main Panel)

Typically the breakers and bus bars were listed for use with both Al and CU.

But not for copper and aluminum twisted together…
correct me if wrong…

That would be correct Joe. I have seen reports where the AL was on a breaker and the suggested “fix” was to pigtail copper. This was an unnecessary step as the breaker or bus was already listed for use with the aluminum.

So when an electrician conducts the pigtailing, there’s no code requirement?
The only guidelines would be the manufacturer’s instructions on the package?

Could you expand on why the pigtailing was requested?

Unless the devices are listed for use with AL there would need to be a method like pigtailing. The simple existence of AL does not require pigtailing. There are also devices that are listed for use directly connected to the AL.

The question asked was

The answer is no.

If you are asking does code apply if you do pigtail, which is an entirely different question, the answer would be yes.

Thanks Chuck.
What’s the code requirement if an electrical does the pigtailing?

It would need to be done in accordance with any listing or labeling requirements.

Apparently, I misunderstood the question.

It is not required that AL wiring be pig tailed with CU - that’s what I thought the question was.

If the AL is pig tailed with CU, the connectors must be appropriately listed, and used in accordance with their manufacturer.