Code Violations ? post 1

City states this post is code violation, will not state specifics of what to fix.

Footing for the post

Full view of post Load bearing is Left to right.

Base Plate

Top Plate

Post is supporting intersection of where load bearing wall was and intersects with a double 2x6 header for the second floor.

Opinions please


Most adjustable posts are designed for temporary use only. Also, I don’t see anything transferring the load from the base of the post to the top of the concrete block.

It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks like there are no bolts or nails connecting the post to the floor or ceiling structural member. Also, the screw portion of the post needs to be welded in place so it won’t ever move again. The post itself seems to be fine.

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John, the column is fine if it meets the criteria specified in the IRC.

Columns shall be restrained to prevent lateral displacement at the bottom end.
Steel columns shall not be less than 3-inch diameter Schedule 40 pipe manufactured in accordance with ASTM A 53 Gade B or approved equivalent.

I am seeing masonry on top of the sill plate to the underside of the subflooring.
The masonry should have been installed on top of the masonry below and not on wood.
The top two courses should have been filled and bearing plate installed to weld the base plate of the column.
Steel post should not bear down on wood and masonry should not be installed on wood.


I had started two threads about code violation, both involving support post.

The city stated that a support post in the house was a code violation.
We finally got them to confirm that the post in my other thread was the violation.
The city believes that the footing is too shallow. Now my client has to get a core sample to verify the depth of the footing.

Thanks for all the comments

Didn’t the plans for this have to be submitted prior to the work being started?

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