Post Bearing Requirement

Here we have 6x6 posts supporting a deck and one floor above. What is the rule on bearing here? Could not locate a reference for posts in 2003 IRC. Thanks.


Hank, I don’t know the rule right off but it sure isn’t right.

All that weight, I can almost see the concrete corner blowing out already.:shock:

You could use R407.3 for starters. . .

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*Amazing how hard people work to screw it up. *
*Not knowing the weight above, chances are it is not going to fall down considering a four x four post will hold at least 500#s per sq. inch., but dependent on the height of the post. Their are alot of vairiable here and would tend to say, bottom line, this is screwed up and wrong, fix it. *
*There shouldn’t need to be a referenced code for something like this, this is common sense. *
Post is not anchored properly and could remove itself off the foundation under load, whatever it is???
*Marcel *

Yes Jeff, I read that one. I wish there was more than two sentences in the reference. Does not cover bearing like joists and rafters.

looks like that “footing” block has already been “fixed” once, looking at the patch 2/3 down. won’t be long before the overhang of that post and weak spot under it in that block, get married and then devorced, then bad things could happen.

It is amazing to me how people just don’t care about the quality of there work. Even a novice could see that it just doesn’t seem right.

Louis Agudo
Home Sweet Home Inspection Services

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I have to laugh at this one, due the fact, the comment made by Jay Moge, that if this marriage lets go, everything is going to go wrong guranteed. What ever is on top of that post won’t care.

I don’t believe the Marriage between post and pier is covered under the IRC, but I do believe commen sense prevails. Their is an education factor involved in this scenario, and I believe they call it Experience in logic and school of Hard Knox.


Inadequate bearing and connection. Post base is a nice touch though.