Coleman AC Age?

Can someone help me dating this AC unit? My notes aren’t helping me this time. Maybe 1983?

**Manufacturer: Coleman **
Model#: BRCS0421BDG
Serial#: W0L5033343

Was manufactured between 98 and 05, per Preston. Serial number looks like it was March of 05. 40,500 btu, right?

My notes for Coleman follow a different format for the S#.

Have you followed the suggestion of this member in post#2??? :wink:

That’s funny, yes I did, but didn’t call the number…:smiley:

Age of HVAC equipment.

Thanks but the SN doesn’t fit in with the mold…

The L is November, and the 5 is …1965, 1975 1985, 1995, or 2005. Pick one.

Serial#: W0L5033343
December 2005