Collar ties needed?

Are all rafters requred to have ceiling ties or is there a minimum rafter heigth before they are required. By the veiwing of this photo what would you say for the rafters over the dormer? needed or not?
Rafters run around 12 ft on the end to less than 2 ft at the top of the roof connection.

The IRC gives little detail other that where they are needed.


If it’s mostly trusses, I don’t have a problem with what I see in the pic.

I don’t either and see this quite often. It was mostly trusses with the exception of the built out room over the front porch.
The home was only 11 years old but had two prior inspections before me. One inspector was a part timer who is a full time building inspector.
Both prior inspectors called this out according to the seller.
At most you would get half of them corrected before you about ran out of room.

Collar ties for a ridge run of 6’ +/-. Not required.

What would that accomplish?

The Gable end in itself is doing all that is required and along with a roof pitch of 10" +/-, would serve no purpose. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir!

Great question and great info guys. :wink:

I am usually more concerned on how they do the valley plate…many times they will sit the based of the jack rafters on plywood.

On a side note the ridge board is the wrong size…it should have extended even or past the bottom cut of the rafter.


I see rafters. Not reguarded as a must.