Collar Ties

Collar Ties need to be on all rafter correct…should i defer this to a framing contractor?

Every third rafter.

If it’s a relatively new home, I would refer it to a contractor. Absolutely.

If it’s very old and no sag is noted, then I’d just note that it doesn’t meet today’s commonly accepted standards but may have been appropriate at the time of construction.

This home was completed today so yes it is new and i am recommending a contractor.

R802.3.1 Collar ties or ridge straps to resist wind uplift shall be
connected in the upper third of the attic space in accordance
with Table R602.3(1).

Collar ties shall be a minimum of 1-inch by 4-inch (25
mm by 102 mm) (nominal), spaced not more than 4 feet
(1219 mm) on center.

Thanks Joe.

Curious,… what is going on with the 2x4 blocks tied toward the bottom of the rafter?

Are those rafter cantilevered on the ceiling joist?


I was wondering the same thing.:slight_smile:

Some jurisdictions don’t require collar ties.

Someone put an addition onto a mobile home. Here’s the attic. About 10 years old. I wrote it up.

050409 080.JPG