collar tries

“tries” cause they aint straight… wow.


Doesn’t matter if collar ties are straight, level (lined up w/ each other).
If they are there as in this pic, they are serving their purpose tying rafters together at the upper third of the roof frame as requred.

Seems fine to me.

Insure the anchorage is OK.
other than that, only the raccoon’s and bats will see anything wrong.
As for load deflection or torsion, check the anchorage to see if they are compliant.

I didnt write up. just shared. little things like this just make you look harder at EVERYTHING because now you know the builder (or part of his crew) didnt give a crap about his workmanship

Excellent statement Robert.
If I see this in “any of the buildings components” I focus harder on that element.

You need to get a better guage for evaluating builders giving a crap and their workmanship than collar ties not being straight/level with each other. Collar ties serve a purpose as they are- as seen in your pic. As long as walls are straight, joists level, roof line true, everything structurally sound, then who cares if collar ties are perfectly level or not at the top area of roof frame in attic where nobody sees it but is accomplishing what they are there for? After saying that- they could have been eye balled better for install than was done, as seen in your pic :smiley: