Color pics from WWII

These are amazingly clear color pics from WWII. My Grandpa was a belly gunner in a B-17 named Patches. After she completed her 25 missions, they painted her pink with black polka dots and she was utilized as the “formation lead” plane that all of the bombers would align with before the mission would cross the English Channel. After all bombers were airborne she would peel off and return to base.
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RIP Grandpa.

Those were great.

Those were cool. Thanks for sharing
My father was a double ace in WW II, he flew P-51s and was shot down 7 times :shock: His buddy’s used to joke he was an ace on both sides.
I miss him dearly.

Awesome stories guys.

I’m an aerospace buff myself. if you ever get anywhere near the Dayton area this is a must see.

OMG that has got to be the coolest site WOW!!!:shock:
Thanks for sharing that

Wright Pat AFB museum is one very cool place, made dozens of trips there none in the last couple decades though, can’t wait to go see it again.

Great picks thanks for sharing them

Those are really awesome, Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Was there color photography at that time or were those colorized? I did not think they had actual color film at that time.

Either way they sure were cool thanks for sharing.

Yes I have some from my dad during that time.

That is awesome… What Memorabilia :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who have served.