Colorado home inspector licensing update tomorrow in Denver.

Who is spearheading licensing? Is it InterNACHI?


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Will Colton of Inspector Pro will be presenting as well.

Jessica Langer, head of InterNACHI’s Inspector Marketing Department will be on hand too.

Chris Morrell, InterNACHI’s CEO will be there too.

Lance Hayward, our Colorado Springs Chapter President will be there too.

Simply ask the question “why are inspection laws needed?” to every lawmaker. Sad that you will not get an answer.

There are many home inspector dumbo’s out there wishing licensing upon themselves. I think maybe they don’t have any other credentials and think that might give them some validity in their own mind.

Stupid to wish that on anyone.

Does not clean up the industry, get rid of numbbutts or cheap guys.

Opens you up to others running your business. AND you’ll always find some chickens…t inspectors willing to kiss realtor butt and go along with it.

No, the market will and always has handled whether an inspector is good or bad. At this point any government oversight and regulation must be fought tooth and nail and not just for home inspectors.

The people have spoken. They want the government to regulate every aspect of their lives, get free stuff, be poorer, lose freedom, all so they can keep their cell phones working and keep access to social networks. Worry will be a thing of the past, right?

Absolutely, licensing will not solve anything. All it does is create minimum, basic standards and rules, so inspectors will charge $149 and write soft, basic reports. The RE’s, lenders, and office brokers want this, so we will not alarm the home buyers in purchasing the property. And, if there is an issue, the inspector gets the call, gets blamed, because he/she has the insurance to provide the repair costs, by law.

HI licensing is, and always will be, a win-win for the RE’s and the agents, and a lose-lose for the home buyers.

Remember, everyone that has a driver’s license are all good drivers, right?