Colorado Home Inspector Licensing update tonight in Colorado Springs.

Hi, does anyone know the name of the colorado state representatives who are introducing/sponsoring the licensing legislation?

Thank you

Evan Hughes
Colorado Pro Inspect LLC
(303) 249-1359

You can probably contact the Colorado Springs NACHI Chapter President Lance Hayward regarding all of the information.

Sounds good. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks

No problem.

I actually just looked at your signature again. You are up here in Denver. Jim Krumm is the Denver Chapter President

As of the last chapter meeting I attended, it looks like the
subject has been dropped.
Glad to hear it…

I spoke to the realtor that is driving this at the Aurora Association of Realtors last week for a minute. It is not dead in his opinion. They are still working on it. Maybe this year or next year he said.

It will never make any difference what you do. Licensing of HI’s will come to your state. HI’s are not as strong as the RE’s. The only way to beat them is to contribute more money to the campaign coffers of the politicians, than the RE’s do.

Kansas is the worse. Two appraisers on the HI board, who know nothing about inspections, or are not licensed as an HI, are representing those who are. A sham. Annual fees of $200 to be state licensed has not been collected in two years. The state has not booted off some board members, as their time, per law, is over as a board member. There has never been a public board meeting.

And the laws were just approved last week by the Kansas legislature 121 to 17, to become permanent. Follow the money. No one cares about the consumers any longer.