Now That KS Licensing is Gone

This PM several people sent me an email sent out by the Kansas group called KAREI … Roughly 57 inspectors in Kansas.

For general info, when the push for licensing got heated several years ago, 4 ASHI inspectors in Wichita incorporated themselves as KAREI (Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors). They got the Wichita ASHI group and 1 of the 2 ASHI Chapters in KC to sign most of their members up in KAREI (and at least in KC the ASHI chapter paid most or all of their members dues into KAREI) AND overnight here was the NEW voice of home inspectors in Kansas AND they went along with the Realtors attempt to license us. SO the Realtors looked very favorably on them.

**FYI - **There was already a state home inspectors group in Kansas called KARCI (Kansas Association of Residential & Commercial Inspectors) that was about 45 members strong AND made up of iNACHI, ASHI, NAHI and non affiliated inspectors BUT they opposed licensing UNLESS the real estate community could show a demonstrated need (the Realtors could never show that SO that never happened). KARCI opposed licensure, so the Realtors and KAREI / ASHI opposed KARCI.

Now that Kansas licensing is dead, read the attached email the KAREI group is sending out to home inspectors. It kinda looks like they want to MAKE themselves a legit REGISTRATION and VOICE and SoP for all Home Inspectors in Kansas AND once more try to CONTROL Kansas inspectors

Interesting …

PS … Almost forgot after the original 3 man SoP committee (1 each of ASHI, NAHI & NACHI inspectors) got done spending a month or 2 working up the Kansas SoP / COE, etc and sent it to Jeff Barnes / Mr Barnes apparently did not like their work so he and the KAREI president Kerry Parham rewrote them. If you look at the COE for example they basically changed 2 sentences in ASHI’s national COE and called it the Kansas COE.

Simplicity at work …

Thanks Dan good info

I have never been approached or asked to be a member of any of these sub-par associations in Kansas.

HI’s in Kansas need to realize that all they want is money to further their, and the agent’s, agendas. It is not about serving the home buyer; only the “rubbing” of elbows with real estate agents. I says so in the email.

Read it carefully.

I bet there are only perhaps 15 HI members of these associations that are actually full time, or even home inspectors themselves. It is all about furthering the betterment of RE’s; not consumers. This is one reason the Governor vetoed the sunset of the Kansas laws.

Why do they want to reference “their own” SOP and COE? Why do they want to create “their own” site to reference “their own” HI lists? NACHI can offer this for free. Why there is money involved only says that they want the money for their own purposes.

Wake up.