Colorful breakers

Interesting panel today. The panel is located in toddlers bedroom behind his bureau.
Home was built in 1989
The multicolored Bryant breakers caught my eye immediately but besides having breakers from different manufacturers(Bryant and WestingHouse) I can not find a link between Bryant and Zinsco. The panel has been upgraded (Westing House) as well as half the breakers.

Byrant was a Westinghouse brand. At one point in history, the Westinghouse label on the panels and breakers was replaced with the Bryant name. When Westinghouse was selling off most of it’s consumer type lines, The Byrant breaker line (and associated products that still had the Westinghouse brand) was bought out by Cutler Hammer in 1994. The rest of Bryant (most of it) became a Hubbell brand. You can use a Westinghouse, Bryant, and Cutler-Hammer ‘BR’ series breaker compliantly in that panel. There are a few other “classified replacement” breakers on the market that are legal to use in that Westinghouse panel.

Thank you for the detailed information Marc it is greatly appreciated.

Yeah, they all got into the COLOR game usually following in the Zinsco footsteps.

Eaton ( Cutler Hammer) makes a UL Compliant breaker that also can be used in all of those panels listed.

Just remember with Zinsco’s you got the COLOR but you also have the BUSS BARS running down the middle of the panel enclosure that the breakers actually SLIDE over the bars.