Westinghouse panels

Im reasonably certain that there aren’t any specific issues with Westinghouse panels but when I saw this one today, I immediately thought of Zinsco panels and I wanted to make sure I was thinking correctly. The double pole ties don’t seem correct to me. I would welcome any and all comments. Thank you.

The set up on breaker 7 looks wrong. Is that a three wire to a 'sub? Hard to tell without being there.

Those are Quad Circuit Breakers. Common for 240v circuits with limited space.

Your Panel has a Zinsco Main Breaker and the branch breakers are type BR Made original by Bryant (colored Handles), then Westinghouse took over and now is Cutler Hammer. You have Quad Breakers 4 handles in 2 inch breaker and tandem breakers also known as cheater breakers (2 circuits in a 1 inch frame). You also have an ITE 15 amp breaker. Your Main Breaker type QFP has a replacement breaker made today to current standards.

The breaker handle ties look OK to me.