Westinghouse panels

Im reasonably certain that there aren’t any specific issues with Westinghouse panels but when I saw this one today, I immediately thought of Zinsco panels and I wanted to make sure I was thinking correctly. The double pole ties don’t seem correct to me. I would welcome any and all comments. Thank you.

The set up on breaker 7 looks wrong. Is that a three wire to a 'sub? Hard to tell without being there.

Those are Quad Circuit Breakers. Common for 240v circuits with limited space.

Your Panel has a Zinsco Main Breaker and the branch breakers are type BR Made original by Bryant (colored Handles), then Westinghouse took over and now is Cutler Hammer. You have Quad Breakers 4 handles in 2 inch breaker and tandem breakers also known as cheater breakers (2 circuits in a 1 inch frame). You also have an ITE 15 amp breaker. Your Main Breaker type QFP has a replacement breaker made today to current standards.

The breaker handle ties look OK to me.

What is the model of that panel? I just ran into something that looks similar but has no cover or ID on it.

I have a newbie question. I’m still just working on my licensing classes. It looks like there are some neutral conductors (white) going into some of the breakers. I thought only “hot” (black, red) conductors went into the breakers themselves and all the neutral conductors were supposed to connect to the neutral bus bar?

Matt those are not neutrals, those are 2nd leg of 240V circuit. The white color wire needs to be re-identified (with proper nonwhite color) when used as such.

Thanks Simon.

A little history here, that panel was Bryant the residential/light commercial line of Westinghouse for many decades, then Westinghouse decided buy the Challenger Electrical Equipment Corp. (successor to Zinsco/Sylvania), they then had the Challenger panels listed for the BR, breakers, & dropped the Challenger breakers, & the BR panels, which introduced the Zinsco mains into the BR panels, then Westinghouse decided to change the course of the company and bought the CBS TV network, and selling all their industrial lines, which resulted in Eaton buying their electrical div. & merging it into their Cutler-Hammer subsidiary, resulting in two panel lines, Cutler-Hammer CH, a quality line, & Cutler-Hammer BR, a cheap line, “Engineered Value”, which I call “Zinsco II”, a few years ago Eaton decided to drop the C-H brand to rebrand everything as Eaton, which is what they are now. Eaton BR are the UL listed breakers for Bryant, Westinghouse, & Cutler-Hammer BR, panels plus Challenger panels.

Eaton CL, are UL classified for most manufacturers panels using 1" plug in breakers, the CL, & BR breakers are not the same, other then appearance.

There was also Bryant wiring devices, that was sold to Hubbell, and the Bryant name has faded away.

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