Columbus area inspector

My wife and I are looking to relocate to the Columbus, Ohio area. I have started my own business here in Washington but am not sure I want to take on the hassle of that once we move. I am wondering if there are any companies in the Columbus area that may be looking to add an inspector to their established company? I have been doing this for almost a year now and love doing it but would almost rather work for someone that already is established. It will be hard enough trying to get the kids adjusted without trying to establish a new business in an area I am unfamiliar with. Just trying to get some feelers out there and see what comes up. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

You might want to contact James Gough at
He has been an inspector in Columbus for sometime now and might be able to direct you to someone. I don’t think he is hiring though.
He is a good guy and home inspection instructor.
Good luck on your move.