New Inspector Application?

Does anyone have any information on the “New Inspector” application for those of us who are new enough that don’t qualify for grandfathering? The state has no info for the release and Nov 1 is coming fast.

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You are correct, presently they have nothing in place for “new” Inspectors.

I would suggest calling them at 614-466-4100. They have been very receptive with questions concerning the licensing program.

Be sure to come back and post what you find out for other members looking for the same information.

So… I talked to an attorney with the division of real estate and the “ new inspector” application is in “review” he claims many people and committees have to approve it before it gets sent out. He stated he doesn’t know when that will be, I asked if they are going to extend the deadline if it doesn’t get sent out soon and he said he has heard they may but he has also heard they are just going to leave it. I did find out that I actually do qualify for the grandfathering provision though which is good news. He was helpful in answering all questions I had.


IMHO you may be screwed. From experience let me tell you the background check alone is going to put you passed Nov. 1st.

The OHIB doesn’t meet again until the end of the month.

Here is my take - Real estate agents are not allowed to give your name out unless you are licensed. Period. So, if you have no license no agent can recommend you even if they extend the date for licensing. That’s wrong! I see nothing that allows them to extend that date.

The date is Nov 1st. Licensed or you could be out of business.

I qualified to be license on Aug 1st but was not licensed because my background check was not back.
I was the 13th application filed with the state yet 100 received their license before me only because of the background check.

200 grandfather apps are still in some type of pending status.

Good luck.


What a clusterfuck. I feel for the inspectors in Ohio.

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we agree - we will start without ‘hard’ rules

Yes it is a mess thankfully I do not rely on my inspection business as my primary income so it will not be detrimental if I am a week late, I feel for the ones in my position that DO. Seems to me that they have rushed this whole process without the proper things in place.

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Just received today

Division Statement on Implementation of Home Inspector Program

The Mission of the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing (“Division”) includes providing fair and consistent administration and enforcement of our regulatory responsibilities. In keeping with this mission, and in order not to impede business of those engaged in home inspection, the Division will not enforce the Nov. 1, 2019 licensing deadline for new home inspectors until new administrative rules are in effect.

Rules for implementing the program are currently being reviewed by the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) and will be filed with Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) shortly. Once these rules are effective, it will take time to establish and credential educational programs necessary for new license applicants. Additionally, the Division will not pursue investigations and the Board will not take disciplinary action for noncompliance with the licensing provision found in O.R.C. 4764.02 until administrative rules are in effect. Moreover, the Division will not pursue action regarding real estate licensees who do not comply with O.R.C. 4735.22 until administrative rules for home inspectors have become effective and the licensing aspect is fully operational. We estimate this date to be April 2020.

If anyone has questions, please contact

NOTE: that they did not say that the law changed - they just aren’t enforcing it. Think about that for a moment if you perform home inspections in Ohio.

How did you find the list of applicants I would like to see if I register as pending?

Click the box and select home inspectors - it is an excel

Daniel A Dunlap OHI.2019006446 OH Ohio Home Inspector PENDING CHECKLIST

Some people say that pending checklist means a problem with your paperwork. I do not know that to be true - best to call the Division.

No issue, they just haven’t received my prints yet.

Good Daniel

The same thing happened here in Florida. If I remember correctly, it took a year before it started to be enforced. (2011) Although, one has to wonder how it is going to be enforced as we have no board…

My background check only took a week to complete. As a leader in Boy Scouts, that background check is taking a little longer. My wife had to get a Level 2 background check and that only took 2 weeks.

Just make sure you stay on top of your paperwork and you should be fine.