Advice for brand new Ohio Home Inspector

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been trying to follow along with the updates for the Ohio Home Inspector license and I feel pretty stuck with how to continue.

I JUST finished becoming an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector. I haven’t done any paid home inspections or begun offering home inspection services. I’m in the process of getting my E&O + GL policy quotes for insurance.

As of now, I’m wondering why I would start paying for insurance coverage for an business activity that I cannot get a license for. Or for that matter paying for membership fees etc.

What is everyone’s advise on how to proceed in this industry? I was planning on Home Inspections being a secondary business; but I have no idea how to proceed to actually perform inspections in Ohio!

Thank You in advance for any advice.

You will get confusing and contradicting advice on the matter here. I would go to the source, call the state and ask them… then also ask them to send you an email with what they are telling you so you have it in writing. GL.

Simon provided the best advice. Call the Ohio dept of commerce at 614-466-4100. They are extremely helpful.
Good luck and let us know what you find out. It may help other future Ohio Inspectors.


Hey Lucas …it sounds like they are still working the bugs out on what the requirements are going to be for start ups. I think calling them is the best advice.

I’ll give them a call this week, and try to provide an update here.

Thanks everyone.

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Come to the OHIB meeting Monday at 10:00 AM.

What I think you should know is the law goes into effect on Nov. 1st however, the Division says that they will not go after unlicensed home inspectors. With this knowledge you should go ask your attorney what happens if you violate the law.

Just because the cops get the blue flu doesn’t mean that laws can’t be enforced by the court.

IMHO the state screwed you and others by not being ready for Nov. 1st. They purposely didn’t appoint the last board member so that they could ‘claim’ to extend the grandfathering period. The last two appointees where appointed after the date REQUIRED by the two bodies that passed the law.

If you were a real estate agent would you recommend an unlicensed home inspector to your clients? I don’t think so. So, IMHO you are in limbo until April.

About all you can do is study the profession.

They have not discussed it at any of the board meetings and it is NOT on Monday’s agenda.

What city are you in? You are welcome to give me a call and talk. If you are near me i’m happy to meet up and help you any way I can.

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PM me and we can exchange cell #s

Whatever you do Don’t remove the cover from any electrical panels. Or if you do don’t tell anyone. Mike P can fill you in with details. :star_struck:


You just want to see more posts on this thread, I know it! Larry is definitely going to run out of popcorn soon.

Remove all day long. You just can’t comment on the inside. Now that the state isn’t going to enforce RC 4764.02 and the OHIB hasn’t given any permission to home inspectors to ignore RC 3783.06 the next few months are going to be interesting.


I’m going to remove the cover of all electrical panels and make comments on my findings. I hope someone reports me.


As long as you don’t cite code. Knock yourself out!

Question? Do you represent to your clients that the panel is wired correctly? Or do you just say that you found no defects?

Hi Matt, I know this wasn’t directed at me, but can I also take you up on that offer? I could use some advice myself. I was in one of your radon classes and I am in the area. Thanks


A pure narcissist from the word go.

A true rat bastard

Marc what would you do if people did mold assessment without a license? Did home inspections without a license? Seems as if you play by the rules.

It is not like I haven’t given fair warning. Matt wants to be the test case - well he is now. They probably will only warn him and tell him to stop. Worst case it is only a $500.00 fine.

Im really hoping they come after me. It will put this to bed once and for all.
Mike, if this is such a big deal why don’t you get someone from whatever governing body to come and address the Ohio HI board.
As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to keep doing it until I get fined or told to stop by someone with the power to stop me.

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