Comfort Crawl Gloves a must have..Yep!

You guys really need to get these.
The only thing I didn’t like was it was hard to use my camera because of how thick they are.
The arm padding worked great.
Comfort Crawl Gloves

I just found this…

Contact us for instructions on cutting the inside of the fingers for an opening that allows easy use of a camera without removing the gloves. Detailed instructions will be posted soon.
OK !

Good advice Roy. I looked at them but was on the fence. My order will go in shortly.

My elbows love them.

I think they are great. Really nice on gravel and in those nasty places we have to go.
Would love to have a cut for the camera. Good idea.

I like them as well, had same trouble with camera. Good idea to cut finger.

Do you have any other use for these gloves besides in a crawl space?

I’m skeptical of one size fits all. You can really operate a camera with these?

Look at this…

I’m in.

What wimps. They should be pink.

I crawl around in those crawl spaces in shorts and bare knees, and t shirts

I don’t need no girly gear to do my crawl spaces! :|.)

Stud :mrgreen:

A man among men, er wimps. :slight_smile:

Michael! Have you ever lied before?

the problem with Michael is he’s a cheapskate. He don’t want to part with a $28

Am not!

I bought a fresh roll of duct tape to tape paper towells onto my crawl space guy’s elbows! Then I caught him using BRAND NEW paper towells! I told him to use those crinkled ones I blow my nose on and throw in the floorboard. He’s buyin’ the next roll!! :mrgreen:

I knew you lied! It was you who said you did the crawls with speedos and dental floss…Correct?
I stand to be erected!

Oh, I go…I just don’t use duct tape and paper towells-

I have hairy arms :mrgreen: