In response to member demand: We released all new extra-padded Comfort Crawl Gloves.

I got a pair about 8 months or so ago. I love them.

Any idea what is the glove size? The “One size fits all” crap typically doesn’t work for me. I have “working man” hands, not wimpy pencil pusher hands! When I purchase “winter” gloves, I wear a size XXL.

I wear XL in gloves and mine are a pretty good fit maybe a little room for play, it’s hard to operate a camera or cellphone with them if you don’t cut a slit in one of the fingers.

Thanks. That would never work for me then.

Uh oh… I think I know what I’m getting Jeffrey for Christmas.

I have big hands and a 6’ 6" wingspan. These gloves cover my elbows fine.

Well, you know what they say about the size of a man’s hands! :wink:

Note: It ain’t my elbows I’m concerned with. If the glove is too tight, my fingers won’t bend, and if my fingers won’t bend, what good is it to have a “two hander”? :mrgreen:

I can assure you the theory is incorrect. I have big hands, big feet, big guns, big trucks, and big heavy equipment… all to compensate for… :wink:

Yep…they need big gloves.:cool:

Are these any different than the others ?


The ones I have fit me fine … would make a great gift for Christmas Party!;-):wink:

In what ways?

The old ones make good open fire cooking gloves too. :wink:

Fingers are easier to bend and use, the gloves are a bit longer to cover the elbow completely, more padding at elbow and forearm.

Here is a PIC of someone using their digital camera while wearing:

Jeffrey, I shipped you a pair of gloves today. Merry Christmas.

They look nice…I’m going to get some to share with my assistant. He’s much smaller than me, and fits into crawl spaces nicely!

I lost my every-day gloves at an inspection and picked up a cheap pair for the mean time. I’ll be trying these out!

Just got in from the field and figured after finalizing reports and other such stuff, I wouldn’t have much time to join in the festivities. Leave it to Saint Nick and his generosity to be sure his “family” is taken care of! Thank you very much Nick. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!