Ever have to inspect attics or crawlspaces? Get a pair of Comfort Crawl Gloves.

Great idea to protect arms and elbows. The hand/fingers look bulky though. Maybe difficult to handle awe, camera or tablet?

They’re actually not, they’re very nice. The black material on the glove and upper part of the sleeve is thin and stretchy and allows plenty of dexterity with your hands and fingers to operate tools and meters. A tablet could be an issue as I’m assuming it’s touchscreen.

If you’re going to be at the Inspection Conference in Las Vegas this coming week, we’ll have lots of pairs of them there at our booth for you to try on.

We actually have the product manufacturer coming to the Vegas Convention to let everyone try them on. He will be helping man the www.InspectorOutlet.com booth in Vegas next week.

You’ll get to meet him and try his products at the IO booth.

Looks like a huge pain to take off everytime I need to take a picture.

I use forearm pads @ $4.99 each from the local sports store. They fit under my coveralls and are not part of the glove. I don’t use leather gloves but extra thick / long nitrile gloves. I can feel temperature differences. They show moisture better like at a small leak. Washable and reusable.

Good thinking.

I use 2 cardboard boxes that I move and place as I move (which is fast). I have had the same 2 boxes for 3 years. They fit nicely in the van folded up. If I need extra protection, I throw a sheet down over them. I wear khaki Dockers for pants. After a 3-4 inspection day, you would never know I got out of the van. I rarely have to put on coveralls. Maybe twice this year. This is certainly a good idea but like someone mentioned earlier, the movement of on and off and on to shoot photos would be way too time consuming.

Wont be in vegas… Would love a good educational conference with a huge vendor hall like the home builders put on her in ky but quite frankly dont understand why Vegas is chosen by so many orgs… Seems that sends a message of the underlying values of the group as a whole and quite frankly thats what keeps me from participating… Maybe someone will have one in a central american location someday that is not surrounded by booze, brothels and gambling… Oh… I know but its cheaper and look at the education…right!

My wife & I went for a week last year to visit her brother. I nearly passed just because of the things you mentioned above. I’m glad I ended up going, as I was completely blown away by everything and how much there is to do if you’re not into those things. One week is not nearly enough to experience everything there.
Unfortunately, Vegas gets stereotyped with the things you mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, all that stuff is prevalent there :D, but, just like anywhere or anything else, one usually will find what one is seeking.

I agree you can look for about anything and fond it anywhere. I went to vegas a few years back and the problem i found is you didn’t have to go looking for trash there… It was everywhere.
No condemnation here just my perspective first hand and i am sure I’m not alone.
Just prefer a better environment to learn and fellowship in…especially if i take my family

George, I agree. I have to start planning for my 2015-2016 Inspector Marketing Tour. I’m coming to Kentucky for you. Do you know member D. Michael Green? He and I are working on an event for KY.

Until 2 years ago, we hadn’t been in Vegas for 20 years because of the stereotype primarily. Then we went for a Shania Twain concert, we had a great time. Lot of great restaurants and things to do that don’t involve casinos. Think of it as the suckers subsidizing your vacation.

Lol…oh no another subsidy…
Yeah Nick i know who Michael is as o have seen him at the KREIA meetings.
Looking forward to it… Ill be glad to help get the word out any way i can

Michael and I are working on setting up some inspection classes in KY.

You’re not making snowballs so cut the fingertips off.

As for gloves, I cut the tips of two of the fingers of my work gloves so that I can feel things. I’m in the heavy equipment business and I don’t buy any drive-by-wire equipment (I like to feel the controls with my finger tips). Many years ago, I was doing some street work for a GC in the first backhoe I ever owned. The GC had the underground lines marked but I thought I felt a waterline where I was digging. So I shut down and got out and told the GC that I felt a waterline. He asked me what I meant. I said I could feel it in my fingertips on the controls (I was in a 3-stick CASE). He just started laughing and said “Sonny Boy, if you can feel a waterline through the sticks with your fingertips…you go ahead and rip it out.” I got back in the machine and closed up all the windows…good thing I did because of what happened next. :wink:

Lol… Had a similar experience with phone lines. I was on the ground and felt it through my feet. Told the operator and he said i was nuts… Yep phone company was not happy at what happened next

I cut the fingers out of mine as well.

No need to cut the whole fingertip of the glove off. Just make some small slices on the inside of the fingers of the glove, and then use a heat torch to seal up the edges of the slices to keep them from fraying.