Comfortmaker Furnace age

ComfortMaker furnace serial #0000564115-M45-0234
ComfortMaker evaporator serial #0008173466-M37-0373

Home built in 1980. Furnace & evaporator appear to be installed at the same time.
Building Intelligence Center site didn’t help much.

Anybody know how to decipher their serial coding?

Comfortmaker is an ICP product, those S/N’s don’t look right.

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Sure it’s is not a AHU?
Model number.
Image please.

That’s original to the 1980 build.

That is how it looks to me, by the color/style/condition. Dom, do you know how the serial number decodes?

It’s a Snyder product. According to building center, the date is not included in the serial number, but rather written in date format. Looks like the panel cover may be covering up the date.