Furnace age chart not correct?

I have a ICP unit here and my chart indicates ICP is first letter for month and first two numbers indicate year.
That makes this furnace 1994 ,however it looks newer and MLS says it is around four years old.
What gives here?


My 2008 Prestons starts with ICP model GUJ in 1996. GUI might have been 1994. Looks like one of those rare occasions where the MLS could be in error.

No way this furnace is that old as it defiantly looks around a few years old.
I catch the sarcasm but in person you would agree with the listing.

Ansi date on it says 1990.

So strange as the insides were shiny new sheet metal (even the burner and blower) must have been a rebuild.

I have a brand new water heater in my garage, in a box, never opened. Built in 2001. Just because the label gives a “year built” age does not mean that is when it was installed for the first time.

Just ad in your report that the age you quote is based on the serial numbers attached to the unit and if they would like more exact information to contact the manufacturer.

What is the AFUE rating?

Yeah I need to see if that shows in the pics and will post it later but just hung up with in a rush Agent.
I normally just notate if mid or cat 4 but this is a cat 1.
HWH was new as was the flex flue running through the clay tile as I Observed through the cleanout.

The ANSI date is 1990.

1994 make sense. New old stock or recycled furnace.


Off subject but is there a gas shutoff on this unit?

Ah, Couldn’t see it in the original photo.

Thats because it was not where it should be.