Coming soon. Another free online comprehensive cours: Inspecting Green Buildings.

This IAC2 approved course covers everything from energy codes, sources, ratings and audits including identification of green systems and components. Also sustainability and indoor air quality are covered.

This course is authored by NACHI member Kenton Shepard with help from Marcel Cyr and Barry Adair.

It will be launched as another free membership benefit.


That’s perfect. This is the direction I’ve been headed anyway.

If they need any Physics help, let me know.

Any update on this class?


Looking forward to it, thanks!

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That great!

How much information will the test provide? Will it be more of a general knowledge course or something more detailed?

I have yet to get a request for a “Green” inspection but I’m sure the day is coming…

I think Kenton has it done. I just have to get it online.

Nick; I am sure that Kenton has done a remarkable job and I am anxious to see his work as well as all the other Members.

Kenton has been working on this for quite awhile and is very important to realize that it is all to benifet the Members of this Association.

My hat goes off to him for all the effort he has put in this.

Now let’s get er’ done as they say, I know you can do it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: