Join me in Congratulating Kenton Shepard, our new Director of Green Building.

The Jolly Green Giant! Congratulations Kenton!

Congrats Kenton… I enjoyed your course.

Me too. Great course. Lots of building science.

Nice, Kenton. All the best! :smiley:

Congatulations Kenton, a job well done and good green course.
Very educational.

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Congratulations Kenton, very well deserved !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks guys,

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programsdeveloped and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council are growing on a global scale, growing so rapidly that the USGBC is feeling the need to expand their resources for providing certification, possibly to include private organizations. The idea is now under consideration.
At this time they have ten programs, one of the newest of which is LEED for Homes, which emerged not long ago from the pilot program.

A number of other organizations have programs (called “labeling programs”) and many are competing to have their program become the U.S. Green Building Standard.
While it’s still too early to predict where all this will lead, or how quickly, it’s a good idea to be prepared to take advantage of the situation if things work out such that home inspectors can wind up providing certification services for some of these environmentally-conscious building programs.

If InterNACHI can provide education, qualification and manpower it’ll be a win/win situation for inspectors and environmental programs needing qualified inspectors.

Kenton, I’m really happy you’re getting some of the recognition you deserve!:smiley:

Folks don’t realize that you were one of our early plankholders in Colorado NACHI!:wink:

Kudo’s Kenton. I enjoyed watching your NACHI.TV videos. Many more to come I’m sure.

Hats off to you! I appreciate you making it easy for us to ask you questions and your education efforts.

Well deserved, Congrats Kenton!

Thanks Kenton

Congratulations Kenton!


Great job Kenton! Your information and presence are a great asset to the membership.

Congrats Kenton! You should probably also be the Director of Log Home Inspections too! :mrgreen: