New infrared, online, video course includes green building.

Interested in ir course.


I’m interested Bill, can you post a link to your website?


Here’s his website…

I’m curious, why are you interested in his site?

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]David,[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I thought he was offering an on-line IR course, it turns out he is interested in taking the on-line IR course. I was just messing with him, it turns out that he is messing with us![/FONT]


Is this free to members and if not, how much? How much for non members?


No, they are not FREE.

NACHI TV has a lot of FREE Videos that are very educational, but Advanced education will cost ya.

This is a nice IR video… free to everyone and can be used on
your web site as well. Contact me and I can show you how
to embed it into your site.

It is called a “Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography”

Here is another free IR video