Coming soon: Attorney Joe Ferry is moving to InterNACHI permanently.

Home inspection attorney Joe Ferry of is moving to InterNACHI. We’ll soon be opening the Joe Ferry Forum of this message board.

InterNACHI is currently re-editing all of Joe’s many inspection-related articles and will be hosting them here along with all of Joe’s many videos. Joe is also going to make himself available to help members here on the InterNACHI message board.

Joe is a long-time member of InterNACHI’s Board of Directors and one of InterNACHI’s attorneys.

The Legal has landed!


That’s great news.

Great news, more added benefits which will make Nachi even stronger and its members, Thanks Nick.

Wow, that’s great.


Shweet! !!

That is great news.

Nick, from what I remember in a past thread, you and Joe Ferry, North American ClaimsIntercept strategist and champion advocate from meritless claims for homies, have been friends for 25 years now.
Seems fitting he resides with InterNACHI.

Joe, from this Canadian homie up here in Montreal Quebec, Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc., thanks for making the industry a safer place to work! Its hard enough to make it to the finish line without having to worry about meritless clams. Happy to see you made it home safely:-)
Robert Young.

Watching Joe’s video seminar should be a requirement for membership, and an asset to any REA.


Great News !!!


That is really great news!!! Joe is awesome at what he does for his clients. This makes InterNACHI a one stop shop :slight_smile:

Congrats InterNachi and Joe! Great person. Great Attorney!

Will Joe continue his practice and services outside of InterNACHI? Havent heard anything yet through the wires.

Really great news!

I was slandered with a malicious false compliant that threatened to change my A+ BBB rating.

After the person received a love letter from Joe, the compliant was retracted!
GO JOE ~ I an extremely grateful. :smiley:

Excerpt from the love letter:

Whatever prompted you to make this ill-advised, vindictive and fallacious defamatory posting on
the BBB website, if it is not immediately withdrawn with prejudice, it will also prove to have been
a spectacularly foolish and expensive indulgence on your part.

I’ve set thru Joe’s seminar 3 times …

Once in Dallas
Once at a National Seminar (Florida or Vegas)
Once in Kansas City

Worth every nickel … If he was close to where I was gonna be I’d set thru it again.

Joe is really great at what he does!

Love to see him.
Missed him in Tronto last time he visited the land of perpetual ice and snow.
Happy he is with InterNACHI!

Thanks Nick and Joe!