Bad apples every where these days

I am proud to be with InterNACHI and I am just about to start my home inspection business.I have been waiting 2 years to do so and looking forward to working with InterNACHI to develope my skills and continued training in all parts of the industry.please wish me well I will not let InterNASHI down.
So hearing that ASHI members are scaming inspectors gets me mad for I have been scamed by 2 home inspection schools ( right ) schools ,more scaming.
I have spent 2 years to educate myself in home inspection ( not full time of coures ) and have worked 34 years doing 3 trades and having built and helped build homes.So by knowing all the problems in the building trades -having experienced it for myself and learning from it by getting better knowadge,I see the total need for HONEST HOME INSPECTIONS by qualified inspectors.
This is what drove me to InterNASHI instead of ASHI and they should eject those members and fight to keep there name in good standing.
If you have not heard there is a law suit going on scence 2005 and ben has been fighting for our good name, look into it.
I just thought I would post this mesage and give Ben a greatfull thanks for all HONEST HOME INSPECTORS.

I am new to the home inspection industry, although I have been in the building trade for 20yrs. or so. The road seem to take me to interNACHI, where things seem to be progressing well (all things considered). I’m not familiar with any lawsuit, are there any members that can shed some light on this matter

There are always and will always be law suits. There are bad inspectors in every organization. Read these boards and you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Remember there are three sides to the story, Your side, Mine side, and the right side.

Thats as good of an explanation that I need Thanks

Was there a merger or something “InterNASHI”?

I don’t know all the details but I do know there is a lot of bad mouthing happening from ASHI members about InterNACHI and vice versa. Is ASHI all bad? I doubt it.

I had to read that twice also. LOL

You must please excause my error in naming ACHI as giving problems to InterNACHI.
PHIC’s scam and InterNACHI’s PA Compliance
by Nick Gromicko.
This is what I was refuring to and endless nights and lack of sleep ,pre pairing to open up homeinspection company and surfing through InterNACHI,s site left me unaware of the grave error I had made and appologise to any and all.

please excause spelling and naming error for it should read
PHIC’s scam and InterNACHI’s PA Compliance
by Nick Gromicko