Coming soon: CMI caps with built-in head protection.

Coming soon.

Why not for the rest of us as well?
You can get the cap inserts from Grangers.

These are fiberglass ones that we sewed into the cap itself so that the underside of the hat is still cloth. As comfortable as a regular cap.

Certified Professional Inspector caps with head protection and Certified Professional Inspector shirts to match? A lot of us are not CMI’s.

We’re just the peons, didn’t you know.

CMI s need special head gear.
Good idea.

We need head protection because our brains are filled to capacity with head knowledge and we don’t wish to start down at the bottom of the ladder so to speak, just because of some nasty bump, on the head, in some nasty house, that most likely will not be bought by our Clients.:wink:

Let me know when they are available. iNACHI membership and the CMI designation are valuable assets.

so is my head! (debatable)

Hey Nick, any chance of some CMI ear defenders too :smiley: