Coming soon... free Certified Master Inspector photo ID cards.

Coming soon…

Not a CMI? Become one today:

Thank you Nick!


Immediately a Client recognizes authority by to 2 things. A Badge from some well known Association and Patches from well known Associations. InterNachi will have both for CMI’s and all we need to do is use them.

The certs and ID cards for CMIs is terrific
David Verge CMI

We should have one of the features working by this weekend.

I’m interested in the badge (photo ID)! Any news on that?

I guess you missed the instructions Gilles

… that says “Certified Master Inspector” on it, follow these instructions:

  1. Go here:
  2. Put the letters “CMI” without the quotation marks in your affix. Don’t write out the full words “Certified Master Inspector” in your affix… just “CMI.” Our system will spell the words out for you on your photo I.D. card.
  3. Then go here: and order a new photo I.D. card.

Your card will come in about 3 week with the words “Certified Master Inspector” under your picture.

No charge.

Certified Master Inspectors only please.
From If you are a CMI and an InterNACHI member and want a photo I.D. card… - InterNACHI Inspection Forum