Free CMI photo I.D. cards for InterNACHI members who are CMIs.

CMIs can get InterNACHI photo I.D. cards that have the words “Certified Master Inspector” on them. Order yours:

No charge.

Been waiting since the Las Vegas convention to get mine!

Now you can.

Badge says “certified inspector”…???

No, if you follow the directions in it will read “Certified Master Inspector” like the image on that page depicts.

Your ID application has been received. You should expect your ID card in 6-8 weeks from 10/28/2013.

Still waiting!

Marcel, I had the same message up until recently when it was changed for “Shipped”. Will see.

Marcel, it was shipped with a bunch of other stuff. Do you still have any packages/envelopes from us laying around? It’s probably in there mixed in with other literature.

Hi Nick;
Juan and I have been CMI’s for over 4 years and I register our self on the page and just looked and we are not appearing as CMI. Can you help me with this.
Thank you;

Chloe fixing now for you.

So how do I receive my CMI I.D. Card.

Joseph M Araiza, MPM, CIPM, ACI, CMI

Follow these directions and it will arrive in the mail:

Hello Nick,

I followed your instructions but doesn’t notify me if the CMI photo card is in route. Can you please check on it for me at your convenience. Thank you Sir

No, I can’t. But we print them about every 30-45 days. We were all caught up as of last week. Post here as soon as you get it. It often comes with a ton of other literature, so dig through the package to find it.

Joseph -

You can check the status of your ID Card by going to:

But it looks like you’re still an applicant and haven’t submitted an ID Card request yet…

It says mine was shipped several weeks ago. Still no sign of it?

Same here but does it really matter now Ron. I have never been asked to show my ID card for anything including ODS.

Tim Eaton explains:

That’s your problem then.

Ron and Kevin: I know Kelsey printed all of the back orders last week and got them sent out. If you don’t get it in another week or two, send me an email and I’ll resubmit them. Sorry about the trouble!

Gee, so when and how does one actually use one of these ID cards. Is there a secret clubhouse that it grants access to? Discounts on insurance? Club privileges at airports? VIP treatment at hotels? Priority seating at inspector events? Tickets to the next Presidential inauguration?

Or is it a wallet decoration?

I feel so left out…:frowning: