If you are a CMI and an InterNACHI member and want a photo I.D. card...

… that says “Certified Master Inspector” on it, follow these instructions:

  1. Go here: www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm
  2. Put the letters “CMI” without the quotation marks in your affix. Don’t write out the full words “Certified Master Inspector” in your affix… just “CMI.” Our system will spell the words out for you on your photo I.D. card.
  3. Then go here: www.nachi.org/sampleid.htm and order a new photo I.D. card.

Your card will come in about 3 week with the words “Certified Master Inspector” under your picture.

No charge.

Certified Master Inspectors only please.


Thanks for doing this Nick! Boy you work fast :slight_smile:

Submitted :slight_smile:

Submitted. Thanks Nick. Any chance I can get the new version of the CMI decal when you mail the ID card?


I’m going ahead and packing up those CMI decals for you now. It comes with 2 of each, big and small.

Who do you think you are Timothy someone special.:mrgreen:

Shipped, TJ.

No, but it would appear Kelsea thinks so ;).

Thank You.

Submitted. Thanks Nick.
Best regards,

Anyone that offers themselves like you have Timothy to sit on the panel for InterNachi is special in my books.

How does one get to have ‘CMI’ appear after name on postings ?

David Verge

You mean in the header immediately after your name?

Follow the instructions Nick posted in the first post. In the “Suffix” area of your member profile put in “CMI”.

Thanks for response.
Just checked profile, and ‘CMI’ is first item in the suffix section.
Any other suggestion ?
David Verge

Only applies to newbies.:mrgreen:

Hi David -

Originally, the affix field needed to be set to “CMI”, not a list of designations. I’ve modified it now so that your affix will work.


Is there anything else I need to do to have CMI appear after my name on postings ?
Also when I apply for the cmi. Id card, will the cmi wording appear on the card ?
David Verge

Question, What is the affix? b
Beside your suffix?

Thanks in advance.

Hi - that’s what we were talking about (the CMI ID card). If you’re talking about the message board, then that will update every night, I think. Let me know if it still doesn’t show up tomorrow. You can edit your signature to include CMI, also.


Hi Tim, I had in my suffix a list of designations previously starting with CMI. I just changed it to CMI only but the card was already ordered and shows status “shipped”. Can you verify if the shipped card has “Certified Master Inspector” on it or not? Otherwise I will need another one.