FREE coloring book to give to children who attend the inspection.

Thanks Nick, it will be a useful distraction for the children (maybe the used house salesman as well)

I have printed off 4, but only colored in 3:)
Great Idea.

Proof that the coloring book idea works! It kept my kids quiet for 20 minutes. Thats saying something.

You’re one of those kids that had the “big” box of crayon’s with the sharpener, aren’t you??? :shock::(:wink:

Now how about a pack of four crayons with with your logo on it included with the book.

I have already looked into that. Google “promotional crayons”. Price is all over the place. I would recommend you ask for a “free sample” of the crayons, as many are “crap” and don’t work worth a damn! Trust me, you don’t want a screaming kid at your inspection because the crayons you gave him/her “don’t work”!!!

PS… make sure they are “non-toxic” and “lead free”!

Michael, can I have the left PIC?

Wow- That’s awesome to see!

How about something like this.

Yes you may. Would you like it sent to you in full res?

Be better served if you just gave home inspectors in Kansas and Missouri these coloring books so they would have something to do. My bit of humor for the day;-);-):smiley:

Thanks Michael. I used it here:

Might also make a good trade show give away…

You can find 4 packs of Crayola Crayons on eBay pretty cheap. I bought 10 for $8.95 (including shipping) and I’m going to put my company sticker on the packs to go with the 10 books I printed here.

Thanks Nick and the gang for always coming up with something different!