Coming soon! link going on 3 major REALTOR email tools.

NACHI has contracted with a major lender to put various NACHI links on 3 often used REALTOR tools (commercial rate tool, residential rate tool, and property market tool).

A full Press Release announcing the new campaign which gives REALTORs direct desktop access to NACHI members will be posted here next week.

Ooops, almost forgot… many thanks to Deanna Willis for her hard work in getting NACHI this contract.

Way to go.

Always helps to market beyond just Realtors.

That’s awesome! Thanks Nick, Deanna, and NACHI!


I Guess I Wasn’t Far Off With My Earlier Statement About ‘right Hands’


WOW!!! Great job NACHI team. Deanna is NACHI’s power plant when it comes to getting us maximum exposure through out the industry!! Round of applause=D>

Chris did the tech work for both NACHI and the lender on this project. The lender is sending out a newsletter to hundreds of thousands of agents next week and NACHI sites are all over it.

Great job everyone!
Thanks Nick, Deanna, and NACHI!

And Chris!