Good Evening Nick,

Any chance NACHI could obtain a position on as is the case with ASHI?

Second request…


Do you mean “purchase” a position on as is the case with ASHI? :smiley:

One of the most used WEB sites for people searching for a home. An outstanding place to have a NACHI link. NACHI has much more to offer buyers not only on the NACHI site but also choices of HI’s. Also a great place to expose the NACHI organization to RE Agents!

J. Bushart wrote:

It would be money very well spent!


Hey James,

I don’t think those links were purchased. There to deep into the website for paid exposure.

With NACHI being one of the most visited websites on the internet, maybe some sort of “Visible” reciprocal link partnership could be arranged with

I believe that site is operated by a private contractor on behalf of the National Association of Realtors. They’ve got approximately 1.2 million realtor members in the United States and sister relationships with other Realtor Associations throughout the world.

Good exposure, No?

Done, we’ll be on that page in 2 weeks or less they say.

You Da Man!




What are you doing here?

You can’t WIN anything on this thread;-)

Hey Nick,

You did so good on the website, try this one:

CAR - California Association of Realtors. 511,000 realtor members, currently recommends only CREIA - California Real Estate Inspectors Association.


Well, I’ve been gone for two days and didn’t win anything (going through withdrawals, lol) and so I just had to get in here somewhere. :wink:

Did you know that gas in Iowa is $2.05 a gallon? :smiley:

Will, your turn.

I’ll only help if you fail.

Child psychology?

I like it!

I may try to enlist the services of Russell and Jeff on this one. I’m also going to wait the two weeks until we’re on for leverage.

I’ll keep you posted…

I thought you were going to come to Orlando Wendy

I thought I recall reading a post from Nick in the recent past that was “going the way of Enron”… now we are advertising on it?

Quite a turn! But I will give credit where it is due if this mistake was realized and corrected for the benefit of NACHI members.

Joeseph, watch network TV tonight and you’ll probably see the new RE/MAX ad announcing that they now have ALL listings of all agencies on their site (not just RE/MAX listings).

RE/MAX already launched a competing site to

You heard it predicted here first folks. Times they are a changin’.

To all (not just the slacker who is also named will :mrgreen: )

Guys, this is a collaboration, a team effort. We can’t always look to Nick to do everything.

As I have said before, if every member of NACHI put in just two hours a week actually doing something to benifit NACHI and our fellow NACHI inspectors, that would be about 18,000 hours per week, 72,000 man (and women) hours per month and 864,000 (or 98.63… man years per year) of accomplished work!

Think about that.

Partner up with other members, especially Chapter members (close to you and in your area and understanding of what happens in your area) and actually do something.

Everyone has special talents and gifts. Put them to work!

If you can’t or won’t, get out of the way. Put up or shut up. Nick has given us a fantastic venue and tools (like this web site).

Let’s pick up the hammer and nails already provided for us and build something!

To quote my brother, I double dog dare you!