"Robotic Home Inspection for Crawl Spaces" Webinar with Susan Payne and Miles McKnight of Superdroid Robots

"Robotic Home Inspection for Crawl Spaces" Webinar with Susan Payne and Miles McKnight of Superdroid Robots

Thursday, March 18, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


Join us for this free, online webinar where the presenters will demonstrate the robot live using a mobile display unit that replicates standard ductwork and a scaled-down crawl space.


Looking forward to it.

Me too. This is the only “crawler” company that was very interested in sending me a crawler to play with and promote like crazy to all Internachi members on all of our channels. So excited.

So glad you said crawler and not crawlbot. :wink:

Sounds like fun.

Home Inspecting With a Crawling Robot

Is this webinar getting good response? Hate to see it cancelled due to low interest. I’d like to see what obstacles they are creating for it.

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Nearly 300 registered for the webinar.
It just ended.
We’ll have the recording up real soon.

Did not ask my question to them on transmitter strength.

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LOL Scot. I came in late and asked the same question. No matter. I’m going to contact them.

Looking forward to the recording. I missed the demonstration.

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Hi, fellas. I didn’t ask all of the questions that were about the same. Miles spoke a lot about the controller’s capability and strength and technology to a point appropriate for a webinar. I think you have a good idea to contact them directly about details that dive deeper into specifics.

The video recording will be available in a few hours on www.nachi.org/webinar.

Thanks for setting it up, Ben. Just watched the replay to get the whole thing. Nice job.

On a general note, I noticed quite a bit of video artifacts at various points of the demonstration. I also noticed the dipole antennas on the diversity receiver /monitor. I was surprised to see those. Multipathing signals just love dipoles. For the price, I’m wondering why another $50 for a circular polarized and patch pair wasn’t included. There’s a $300 Pelican case. Why not better antennas?

I was hoping that the demo drive would include obstacles.
Pipes, plastic sheet, rocks, etc. :smirk:

But overall, good presentation, nice people, clear explanations, lots of info packed into 40 minutes. (And I really do love that case…)

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what the discount code? Could not find it on the video

Here you go: Exclusive Discount for InterNACHI® Members on the SuperDroid Inspection Robot