Coming soon.... NACHI Apparel Store.

I am pleased to announce that member Tom Rausch is preparing to open an online apparel store full of great NACHI clothing items to wear.

Go Tom!

Hmm I will be sporting a couple Ideas for that when I show up in Vegas.

I think everyone has one. :wink:

At least we can all make our own NACHI stuff! :wink:

I can see it now. I’m Inspector Wendy. :shock: Whoooo Hoooo


I have thongs like that. LOL! :wink:

I know. Do you want me to post those also?

:shock:How do you know I have them?:shock:

Double post

Sorry, that is proprietary information. Need to know only. Just think…waterfall, skinny dippin, and rustle in the bushes.

DARN! I knew I wasn’t alone!:shock:

Must be that Washington air !!!


Judge, I swear, I was not in the bushes that day . . .

I saw you there Russell. I just didn’t let on! :wink:

Oh, well-
just another count of perjury . . . .