Commercial Building Inspection

I have a commercial inspection coming up in a couple of days. Does anybody have a copy of ASTM 2018 to share. Thanks

Thanks Gerry. Check’s in the mail.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Linas, I’m in need of the same Astm E2018-01 copy.

If you have one could you email it to me?


I could use one as well. Thanks in advance.

Russell Train

**Well I am confused that ASTM 2018 is American Society for Testing and Materials or Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments??? Dows anyone know about such standards for building and pest inspection in Australia. **

You might also want to look at instead of ASTM. It is much more straightforward.

ASTM authors many excellent standards but their commercial SOP isn’t one of them. Read it and you’ll see what I mean. Unless of course you are competent to provide repair estimates.

Anyway, also includes the legal contract between you and your client, between you and any consultants you bring, and other addendums… they will protect your behind.

The ASTM standard has been revised. The revised standard is ASTM E2018-08. The standard is used by most lenders in financing commercial projects … also in securitization. Most firms and individuals using the ASTM standard have written there own templates for the PCS report and tables (immediate repairs, short term repairs and replacement reserves). Most firms and individuals in doing commercial work use the field inspector - reviewer system when doing the reports and tables (i.e. 2 sets of eyes).

Rick Herbold, P.E.

Sounds good and since we can customize our contracts…
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Me Too???

I have been “asked” by commercial investors to provide estimates for repairs and such.

Good questions/points both sides.


Repair estimates are a BIG thing in ASTM E2018 report writing. All of my Clients require Immediate, Short Term and Reserves estimates. The Equity Clients want lots of details and ‘real world’ cost numbers; some lenders just want numbers that tie into the Standard and Poor’s, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac standards. About 75% of the projects I have done over the last 10 +/- head for Wall Street and securitization. Could using the S+P and Freddie - Fannie standards be part of the cause of the economic collapse we are now in ??? Interesting stuff here. Using lower numbers increases the value of a property … it also misleads investors (reserves will not cover the real cost of replacement and major repair work).

Stay tuned … lots of info will start to hit the media … Federal bailout money is starting to show up in commercial real estate loan projects.

Rick Herbold, P.E.

Every (and I don’t use the word “every” lightly here)… every complaint we take regarding a commercial inspection is over the repair estimates portion of the report.

Forget about giving estimates and ASTM’s 2018… it’s a total mess… and not your job as an inspector.

Stick to being an inspector only… and stick to