Copy of ASTM E 2018 08

Any fellow NACHI members have a copy of ASTM E 2018 08 please :mrgreen:

Anyone have some “Free” music down loads or Software too. ;):smiley:

Ok thank you


ASTM E 2018 is an unusable document. And don’t even get me started on inspectors providing repair estimates.

Walk into the light:

I agree Nick, plus yours is free. :mrgreen:

I’ve seen “the light” :wink: but i wanted to see what all the hype was about. I didnt see anything special, and as for estimates I dont want that liability.

Try the library if you just want to look it over. Not every library will have one though.

I agree Nick but the banks, mortgage companies, insurance agencies and other parties are familiar with the ASTM 2018. The standard sucks in many ways but if you cant get the job without it then what do you do…? I am looking into using the Nachi comsop.

you can say in your proposel that you follow the ASTM 2018 and COMSOp standards and as defined in the Scope of work will set forth the parameters that the commercial inspection will be conducted under.
The beauty of the ASTM 2018 is that it allows you to define what you will do and what guidelines you will follow.
So you can in essence begin with 2018 and finish with comsop.
you have met the criteria from the bankers stand point but finished with a stronger standard using the comsop.

Check your mail.

I would also like to kmow if anyone has a copy of the ASTM document, I think the wording explained above is great advice, but I would like to see how it compares to InterNACHI COMSOP so I will be able to answer questions about the differences.

Exactly Billy…

It is not written you “SHALL” provide anything which is NOT agreed upon before any written agreement is defined- and/or -finalized.

Your inspection is defined in the “Scope of Work”

I been inspecting commercial building for longer than I remember (thousands+), and can count on both hands how many people “Even Expected Cost Estimates”, whether be immediate, five year, or any other projected time frame.

My clients are given the contact information of at least three licensed contractors in any trade which may be needed for repair replacements. If they want to pay me enough I am more than happy to schedule each and be at the site again, but 95% of experienced investors or large companies have gophers hired for this reason, and others.

This is a VERY important part of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties:

(especially the second sentence of that paragraph)

The second sentence in that paragraph is YOUR DEFENSE should a plaintiff complain that you didn’t find a defect because you failed to look for it (most common complaint regarding commercial inspectors). It is really important for your commercial SOP to contain that sentence.