Commercial inspection book

ASTM E2018-01 commercial standard

does anyone have one of these I could borrow or buy?


Why not use the InterNACHI Commmercial SOP? Trust me you do not want to try to understand ASTM.

There is one member that willingly provides that document to any iNACHI inspector that requests it. I bought mine at the ASTM website for $49.

I use both the ASTM E 2018-01 and the InterNACHI ComSOP. Honestly, I think our standard is way better for most things. There are certain situations that the ASTM standard slightly outweights ours, but they don’t crop up all that often. InterNACHI ComSOP is great for smaller commercial properties up to medium sized warehouses and office buildings. There are some monster properties as I like to refer to them that the ASTM is better suited though.

What do you plan to be inspecting?

I am taking a Commercial Inspection course in Spokane WA on July 26/08,
Those items were two they recommended that we bring if possible.
two items- ASTM E2018-01 and the internachi comSOP.

ASTM’s is really not a Standards of Practice at all, it is a Scope of Work permission form, mis-titled. And even worse, you have to pay every time you use it. Don’t. is the only Commercial SOP, approaches perfectin, and is free to all.

Amy, sorry you couldn’t make it down last weekend -
Maybe next time!