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Hi to all,
I just spoke to Mr. Tom Rausch who is the head of the NACHI “Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermal Imaging Course” program.

I am happy to say that “as of this morning” the contracts and the content of both the commercial course and the thermal imaging course have been approved and finalized.

Mr. Rausch also assured me that “New Hampshire is #1 on the list” for the presentation of this course.

Mr. Rausch is currently looking at facilities to host this very important training seminar and as soon as the dates and locations are confirmed I will send out a “broadcast e-mail”.

Warmest regards, Frank

For more information, Please see

[COLOR=red]Three Day NACHI Combined Commercial Inspection and Infrared Training Outline [/COLOR]

(30 Hours)

Trainer - Mike Nelson - [COLOR=#0000ff]click here for Bio / Resume[/COLOR]

Day One – Commercial Inspections
[li]Introductions and registration [/li][li]Introduction to commercial inspections and Property condition assessments [/li][LIST]
[li]Commercial Property Inspection Contract [/li][li]Differences, Inspection types, Fees, Clients, Risk, Report type, Proposal, Time frame [/li][/ul]
[li]Deciding on a fee and preparing a professional proposal [/li]

[li]Factors effecting fees – Risk, Location, Size and complexity, Building age, Sampling size, etc [/li][li]Report format [/li][li]Proposals - Reasons needed, Layout, Scope of inspection, Building descriptions, Limitations, Additional fees [/li][/ul]
[li]Deciding on a fee and preparing a professional proposal [/li]

[li]Proposals – Exclusions, Client’s responsibility, Standards, Time period / due diligence, Expiration period, Acceptance of proposal [/li][li]Review of sample proposals [/li][/ul]
[li]Review of ASTM E2018-01 [/li][/LIST]Day Two – Commercial Inspections
[li]Introduction to ADA Inspections and estimating [/li][li]Introduction to commercial inspection plans review, code differences, including fire sprinklers, car parking, fire safety, building occupations etc. [/li][li]Report writing and applications to comply with ASTM E2018-01 [/li][li]Case studies: Ware house and office inspections [/li][LIST]
[li]Defect recognition and diagnosis [/li][li]Review of completed inspections and reports [/li][/ul]
[li]Case studies: Restaurant and apartment unit inspections [/li]

[li]Defect recognition and diagnosis [/li][li]Review of completed inspections and reports [/li][/ul]
[/LIST]Day Three – Infrared Inspections
[li]Introduction to Infrared and the home inspection process [LIST][/li][li]Speaker Qualifications, Background, Addictions [/ul][/li][li]Thermography – Use, Pros & Cons, Benefits, Complex areas of expertise, Infrared photography, Applications, Building and Construction, Equipment [/li][li]Infrared Science – Tools of Measurement, Electromagnetic spectrum, Wavelengths/Wavebands, Spectral curves, Blackbody Radiation, Emissivity, Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection, Air leakage, Evaporation / Condensation [/li][li]Moisture Intrusion, Insulation, Case Studies, Construction Defects [/li][li]Building Inspection Strategies – Hypothetical Scenarios, Condensation Issues, HVAC, Mold, Humidity levels, Roof Surveys, [/li][li]Software / Camera Techniques, Cleaning, Care, Etiquette [/li][li]Inspection Strategies – Common Sense, Safety, Reporting [/li][li]Introduction to Building Sciences and the Technical Aspects of Infrared Diagnostics [/li][ul]
[li]Liability, Energy Efficiency, Relative Humidity, Heat Flows, Types of Moisture and Case Studies [/ul][/li][/LIST]2 Day Commercial Course - $999.00

1 Day Infrared Course - $599.00
Total Cost of Both Courses Combined - $1,499.00

NACHI Special Pricing - $199.00 for all three days!**

(You must be a NACHI Member to receive this special pricing - all others will pay full price. If you are not a NACHI member, you can become a member for $50.00 - this is a savings of $239.00! Click here to [COLOR=#0000ff]email your request for a NCE NACHI Membership Application)[/COLOR]
Lunch, snacks and all beverages are included!

You will receive the following:
[li]30 hours of training [/li][li]One Course Notebook containing: [/li][LIST]
[li]The NACHI Commercial Inspection Contract [/li][li]Copies of all PowerPoint Presentations, [/li][li]The latest ADA Information [/li][/ul]
[li]Buffet Lunch, Hot & Cold Beverages, Snacks at Breaks, every day! [/li][li]Free evaluation copy of Porter Valley **Commercial **Inspectvue Software [/li][li]Two Certificates of Completion - one for the Commercial course and one for the Infrared Course.[/li][/LIST]Optional Purchase - All course materials PLUS hundreds of pages of Sample Commercial Inspections on CD - Cost is $99.009
Note: Due to the special pricing offered, this 3 day course cannot be split up - when you register, you register for all three days - no exceptions.

The following cities are currently in the process of being scheduled - (state CE’s are currently being sought after in states which require continuing education credits):

·Atlanta, GA
· Buffalo, NY
· Chicago, IL
· Manchester, NH
· **Madison, WI **
· **Portland, OR **
· Toronto, Ontario, Canada

NOTE: Dates will be assigned for each of these cities once all of the details are in place.
Any questions / concerns, please [COLOR=#0000ff]email Tom Rausch at NCE.[/COLOR]

NOTE: If you do not see your city listed and would like to attend this seminar in your area, please [COLOR=#0000ff]email Tom. [/COLOR]



Dont know what you have been told, and no disrespect to Tom, but I am not aware of such a title, as there is, and will be no single “official” NACHI Commercial Inspection Course. ITA offers one, and now, HIT Interactive Media offers its own.

Our course explains and dissects the ASTM standard, breaking it into tiny pieces that are easy to understand. Once the standard is understood, compliance to that standard is thoroughly discussed, will remain within grasp for most competent inspectors.

It is good that ITA is coming to town. They have a good course. Only now, you have more than a single vendor to choose from.

If you have no set date from ITA, and would like me to come back to NH, let me know. My course deals with the ASTM standard and commercial inspections, and does not include thermal imaging. Just letting you know.

Warmest Regards,

Joe F