Our next free 3-day Commercial Inspection course...

It is going to be in New Hampshire.

I’ll have the dates soon. I’ll have a webpage up where we can all register for it soon too. Give me a week or so.

We chose NH because many NACHI members are close by and can get to it by driving, NH has the first commercial inspection legislation (NACHI Bill) going through, several legislators want to attend the course. We have more members per capita in NH than any other state/province.

Hope to see you all there!

I promise we’ll have room for all NACHI members this time so expect a class of 300-400.

Our last one: www.nachi.org/comden.htm

Hi Nick,
I have received E-Mails from across the country and from Canada inquiring about this course. Many want to sign up but need a “firm” date so that they can make plans and travel arrangements.They want to know; The Dates, The Location, and the Cost.

Here are the people from different parts of the nation and from Canada who said I don’t care when or where {In New Hampshire} just sign me up!
They are all chomping at the bit, so when you have a chance let us know.

Please note that we have one member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives who wants to attend this class. State Representative Angeline Kopka is an Icon in the House of Representatives and in The New Hampshire Real Estate industry. Talk about being well respected and a Class Act.
I am both Happy and Honored to have her in this class.

Members who have already signed up:

[size=3][size=3][size=3][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial][size=3][FONT=Arial][size=3]Greg Bell, Florida
Don Belmont, NH
Ron Carter, NH
Steve Cauthen, NH
Marcel Cyr, Maine
Dave Dyson, NH
Scott Falvey, NH
[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]Luke Freudenberg, NH
Andy Frost, NH
Dean Gordon, NH
John Hastings, NH
Blaise T. Heroux, NH
Marcus Hutnick, NH
State Representative, Angeline Kopka, NH
Mario A. Kyriacou, Canada
Chris McDonald, NH
John Murphy, NH
Robert Pokorny, NH
Paul T. Punturieri, NH
Ron Racine, NH
Peter Russell, NH
Rick Silva, NH
David Valley, Ma.
Tom Valosin, President NY Capital Region Chapter

Nick, if you have one in Orlando, I will do all the leg work to get it set up. We can talk about it next Wednesday at the meeting if you would like to.

You are invited to New Hampshire!

Well, New Hampshire huh? I guess I better get with Nick and set a date, Belize is callin at the end of the month, and I still have not caught up time on my forge, whats the deal, you guys are plannin on ruinin my ideallic life??

That is what you get for being such a dynamic speaker and being one hell of an instructor.

You will ALWAYS be in demand. I look forward to seeing you in New Hampshire!

Ok Frank

NOW you are really pushing it, The GREAT Mike is doing it…Oh you are making it Sooooooooooooo tempting for me to take it again.

Always wanted to see your state also…

Mmmmmm let me sleep on it and talk to the bosses (wife and son, parrot and dog).

Good night

Your friendly frozen Northern Candian


You are always welcome in New Hampshire. Maybe you can ride with Mario!


It would be my pleasure!!!

Okay! It is a “Done Deal”! From the looks of the “sign up sheet” our class is going to be bigger than the one in Denver!:smiley: