Commercial Class dates and locations

We are planning to take the Commercial Inspection Class on the road starting in October.

Two dates are already scheduled.

Other cities will likely include:

Easton, Pa or Philadelphia, Pa
New Brunswick, NJ or Paramus, NJ
NH (city TBD)
Buffalo, NY
Michigan (city to be decided)
Pittsburgh, Pa
Ohio (city to be decided)
Illnois (city to be decided)
Wallingford, Connecticut
Methuen, Ma
Portland, Maine
Nashville, TN
Phoenix, AZ
Oregon or Washington State (havent decided)
California (city to be decided)
Orlando and/or Ft. Lauderdale, Fla
Atlanta, Ga

Those who are interested in helping coordinate please contact me right away. These courses will roll out within the next 46-60-90-120 days.

We may offer a combined Educational weekend, and roll out Certified Well Sampler on a 2nd day.

Folks who wish to sign up for both will receive a good discount. It looks like Commercial will be offered for $150 (cheap).

I will contact you about doing a class in Philadelphia. I can probably host it at the hotel I work at for my full time job. Would also give an oppertunity to use the building as a real life training tool.

Contact me and we can work out the details.



Have you contacted the Mass. HI Board for your Commercial course approval?

I’m looking forward to attending if this get’s approved.

As absurd as state licensing already is…it would be even more unusual for a state to sanction (for home inspection CEUs) a “commercial” inspection course that had nothing to do with what they license.

In fact, a certified commercial inspector in Massachusetts would not be governed by the state licensing law, I believe. Even more reason for the state licensing board to shy away from it.

But…because the state does not count it toward its licensing requirements, why would one not want to learn the additional skills that could help them earn additional money? That is REALLY unusual.:roll:


This particular question was intended for Joe F., not you. I really wish you would mind your own damn business at times.

Just so you know, The Massachusetts HI board does approve Commercial courses but limits the credits that can be obtained through a single course. Which I have already discussed this with Joe F. previously.

One example…The ITA commercial course is fully approved, as you can see for yourself.

And you can see that Joe Ferry and Joe Farsetta are approved educators for Massachusetts…

Joe F.,

Back to my original question without any interruptions…

Still, David…as I used your post to illustrate…there actually are inspectors in our midst (such as yourself) who will refrain from learning something that their state does not approve. That is very, very sad…and reflects on another bad result of state control over our profession.

BTW, if you prefer personal conversations without interruption…the telephone works better than a public message board…but I’m sure that you learned that already in some Massachusetts approved training program…

I think we could fill an entire university with worthwhile thingsrelevant to life that have been overlooked by the Massachusetts HI Licenseng Board.


You must be one bored individual.

Don’t you have some marketing to do?

I’d love to see Missouri added to this list. Then you can cry FOUL.


What are the dates and locations of the commercial courses already scheduled? I am looking for a course in the Long Island, NY area.


Kevin Thompson
Sinus Rhythm Home Inspection Service

I am a NACHI member.

We will be waiting for you here in CALI.

This may be premature, but would this commercial class be offered as part of the NACHI convention in Las Vegas? If so I’d be willing to wait. If not, it seems I’ll be making a road trip. Thanks!


Looks like we may be in Phoenix in January

Philadelphia, Pa = Plymouth Meeting?


Just looking for the dates for the commercial course dates. Close to Savannah , Ga or Jacksonville FL.

Joe, any date for NH yet?

I’d have to say Phoenix would be a little more of a road trip than I’m looking for, coming from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I’m looking more towards Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, an parts in between!


I’ve tried contacting you by PM and two telephone messages about setting up a class here in Philly. I don’t know if you were away on vacation or something, but can you contact me. I have a hotel meeting room at my disposal and need to pin down a date so that it can be booked.



Remember I live in the Bethlehem area, and many HI are north of me. So the north side of Philly might be more inviting. As for a day, Wens seem to work for me. :wink:


Hi Tom,

The commercial class is an all day class from what I understand. I realize that you are a little north of the city, but there are a lot of people from the south and east as well. I work at a hotel and have use of the meeting rooms whenever they are open. Otherwise, we would have to rent a room someplace and they go for around $300 - $500 for a full day here in the city. I use the hotel I work at in Center City because there are sooooo many ways to get to it. If you don’t feel like driving into the city, there is always the regional rail. The hotel is only a few blocks from Market East Station.

I am trying to make it accessible as I can for everyone in The Greater Philadelphia area, which includes Eastern PA, Southern NJ, and Northern Delaware.


Just wanted to voice that many people want to attend.