commercial inspections

Does anyone out there know if and when there will be a 3-day commercial inspection course given by NACHI in Pennsylvania? preferably central or western PA?

hi Jeff,
Sorry, but those of us that went to class in Denver have this all sewn up now.:smiley:
Just kidding, I am sure Nick will be getting this class out to all as soon as possible-though the locations I have heard the most have been New York and Canada.
Great class and great instructor-I would have paid full price for this one, but way cool that I got to go for 50.00. (so join Nachi-cause the Denver class was only for members.

I am a NACHI member as of December 2006, it is one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in the home inspection arena, thanks for the reply, I’m anxious to take this commercial inspection course even if it’s in a neighboring state.
Also, has anyone ever heard of performing reserve studies for common interest developments?

How about North Texas?

Hi Jeff,
It looks like the next one will be in New York-there are a few other threads on the board about locations.
As far as reserve studies, MIke Nelson talked about them in the class. From what I gathered they are looking for estimates of future upgrades/repairs. Sorry, I don’t recall more details than that. I kinda thought it wouldn’t be somethng that I wanted to do.
ps. glad you joined Nachi-one of the best decisions I have made, also. But you are showing up as a non-member.

Yeah, why is that, I also cannot access some areas of this bulletin board, I sent a message to nick earlier about this and his response was to make sure I have the remember me button checked when I sign on.

Feel free to call ITA and ask for Dana Carter to set up a class, she will work with Nick to get this done, I’d love to come to Penn to do a class,

Where in New York and When ???


Hi Mike!

I would like to say that you did a terrific job!

You are an OUTSTANDING instructor and I will be happy to see you present this class to our New Hampshire chapter in April.

Keep up the Good Work!

Thanks Frank,
It was good meeting all of you guys, I look forward to many, many training sessions with the Nachi members, and especially going to your beautiful state!!

Thanks Mike, your thoughts and incites will help all of us in our upcoming inspections. Keep on hammering and get some bottom time for me.

The commercial course was a real eye-opener for me. The possibilities for commercial inspections are huge, and the level of professionalism is high. It motivated me to do better in all my inspections.

We need a separate Commercial section on this message board.

James, its already up and running.:smiley:

Thanks, Bruce! I just didn’t look far enough down the list of message board topics.

not a problem James, I hope you had as much fun with the class as I did.:smiley:

Have one in Orlando please

We need one in Atlanta also !! :smiley: