Commercial Electrical Inspection Information

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Here’s an image showing the configuration for the typical, and not so typical 3 phase Wye and Delta systems that a commercial inspector will encounter.

Note the 208 volts in the delta, that’s the high leg and if connected to 120 volt rated equipment leads to damage and equipment burnout too.

If we are to discuss the process of commercial inspections, we should be prepared to learn about the differences with single phase systems.

I always say that the open warehouse is easier to inspect than an old dwelling with many hidden problems and DIY work.


Thanks for posting…kinda reflects my little story…alot of damage used to happen from when older systems are upgraded in newer applications and they dont understand the phase alignment.

I do not wish to go into it deeper…I think they get the point and to be frank with you…I have lost a desire to educate on this subject now…

Thanks for your great input…


Please be an educator and stop with the bad feelings!

If I had not taken the time to meet you in person in Ohio, I too would be worried about the issues you are facing with others.

I have been there, and it is not a good feeling and while it is true that the issues are sometimes misunderstood we all need to cool down again.

I know that you are really a jester and have fun doing the lol stuff and so on so don’t be afraid to give the all the advice you can, only try to KISS!

Here is my new outfit, and it is not even for working on the equipment, it is used by inspectors in the same room when electricians are working live.

I was finding it hard to see and had no air, and the darn outfit was to tight!

I am not a Fat Guy too, am I?

Come on Dude have fun, just KISS!

??? I was THANKING you for the info…

I am the same person you met in OHIO…please…I think all my posts are KISS…:)… I explain every part of my posts when it comes to electrical…but alas…I am staying away from that area for awhile…since it is clear others can handle it without my garbled comments no one can understand…NO you are not fat fella…in quite good shape for someone of your age my friend…very impressive.