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The panel in picture two would be good for newer persons to evaluate.

Quite a mess you have there.
Somebody brought this home from work.
3 phase MLO panel used as a single phase residential load center.

Greg , you ruined the mystery for the newer ones. Correct though.


The second picture. Was this in a residential setting???

It looks like an attempt to use a three phase panelboard for single phase use. The double taps on the feed lugs are a nice touch, and while its hard to tell, the third breaker down on the left side looks like a single 30 amp breaker wired up to 12 awg. Its also hard to tell but the first “stab” on the right side that doesnt have a breaker…if you follow the stab back to where it connects to the main lug, it looks discolored like its been overheating.


Darn it Greg, you beat me to it!!


why are there 4 conductors at the weatherhead?

Good eyes, there was a 3 phase service to the house. Just not on the above panel. I am not sure why they brought it to the house. It was right in the downtown area of the city, so it was readily accessible. There was a disconnect above the panel. One of the legs were dropped and not used. Crazy installation.

Hi Ben,

I’ve gotta give you that one, it is the strangest residential system I have ever seen. Have you got over the writers cramp yet?



In the early days of air conditioning 3 phase was run to some residences for the AC.

Why didn’t the 3d phase make it to the panel you showed?
Is it “red leg” delta? (240/120)
I am guessing now the panel in the picture is a sub panel off the main.

No it wasn’t 240/120. We also have to use orange here for the “wild” leg. It went to a disconnect, and that was it. From there is went sraight to the panel. minus one leg. It was obvious it was a retrofit, by the owner who I beleive worked at bungee (a large grainery outfit) He probably picked up the panel and did it himself.

now thats just crappy…using a freakin 3 phase panel for single phase…guess it was left over and figured oh hell…lets not waste it…lol…

On the 3 phase, many districts in downtown areas have 3 phase more readily avail. but could have most certainly done away from bringing it down the service drop…was it a converted business space to a residential space…possibly?


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