Commercial Infrared Inspections Training & Advice Please?

My co-partner and I have decided to begin the transition into Commercial Infrared Inspections.

I’m looking for some advice or guidance with the proper steps?

I’ve looked into the IRInfo conference in January. I believe it would be a huge benefit to have the opportunity to mingle and talk with some of the pros but I don’t want to wait another 3 months before taking a first step.

I would really appreciate the opportunity of being able to speak with any of you already in the business. I would actually like the opportunity to possibly travel and assist another commercial infrared inspector during an inspection.

If any of you are or know a successful commercial infrared inspector who would be willing to speak with me or let me tag along on a couple of inspections than i would very much appreciate the contact information.

Basically I’m looking for a commercial infrared inspector mentor, preferably on the Western side of the US.

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction.

There aren’t many here Brandon.
What type of IR training/education do you have so far?

Don’t know what area you are in but google works real good. Use the 3 words together THERMAL INFRARED IMAGING and the city and or state who knows you may find me or Bill

Did you join the ComInspect Network of commercial property inspectors?

Thanks Nick,

I wasn’t aware of the ComInspect network but I’ll be sending my application paperwork off tomorrow.

Hey William,

I don’t have much certifiable IR training. I am Infrared Certified but that’s not geared for commercial or advanced IR applications. I definitely want to get some type of formal commercial certifications before marketing.

Everything I’ve read an heard about Snell level 1 doesn’t make me feel confident in preparing me to get out and start marketing commercial inspections. I may end up having to take it anyways because I’m looking into the United Infrared Commercial training and Level 1 is a requirement.

I got lucky with a good opportunity to learn IR home inspections. I found a really successful IR home inspector within an hour an fifteen minutes of me. I took off from work and tagged along with him for 2 inspections a day for just over a month which was more than enough for me to feel confident to start marketing IR.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be quite as easy to learn commercial IR because I can’t seem to locate any professional commercial infrared inspectors in Utah. Sure, there’s a few companies in Utah advertising commercial infrared inspections but there far from the level of professionalism I’m looking for. They’re advertising advanced infrared commercial inspections with no commercial certifications using $2k and under cameras which doesn’t add up to me.

Anyways, I’m sure I’ll eventually find my way. I just didn’t see any harm in asking for advice before making decisions.

Do you own a camera?

Wow!! Talk about some great advice! I had no idea we had Google out here in Utah. Anyways, it sounds way to complicated to use. Do all the letters in THERMAL INFRARED IMAGING have to be in capitalized for it to work? Does the city and or state need to be capitalized also? I’m lost!

Yep, just got a new FLIR B400.

Greg Stockton is the most experienced commercial thermographer that I know of.

He taught several classes at IRINFO last year.

Start with a Level 1 reference manual to get an idea of what to expect from Level 1 training. $150 is a cheap investment and good material.

That was a pun most guys state where they are from when asking for specific information I am sure you will find your way this guy in your area has been doing it for a long time

Yup… at minimum Level I training for sure… then go into some specialized training such as flat roofs, block walls, etc. Commercial IR is not much different from residential. Same applications, different structure. But there’s a reason a solid foundation such as level I is recommended before you do either. If you’re performing residential inspections “without much certifiable IR training”, you are performing one of the most complex applications of infrared thermography! Hecko! Our very own infrared certified trainer claims that even Level III thermographers state they can’t do it.
There seriously isn’t much difference between the apps of residential and commercial so long as you have a solid principal foundation such as level I.
If you’re looking for an inexpensive route to enter this field, there isn’t one.
As Greg Bell said, Greg Stockton of United Infrared is one of the best and most successful IR thermographers around. There’s a reason a minimum of level I is required by UI. UI will help you attain Level I and then some. He is one of the easiest to speak with, so you ought to look him up and give him a call.
Greg has a plethora of specialty websites, but since you’re apparently a wiz at Google I won’t post them here. :wink:
Jim Seffrin of Infraspection Institute is also a wealth of knowledge and a gentleman to talk to.
You should look him up as well.

There is no harm in asking for advice… it’s which advice you listen to that makes the difference. :wink:

The Snell Group has webinars too.