Student Feedback

I got this email, like many, from one of our recent students of our IR webinar class. Our positive feedback is about 99%.

John, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. It was very informative and you gave some great ideas for marketing. I have had my camera 3 years but never used it commercially (never advertised it or even used it in front of clients). Have been trying to decide what training I wanted to get but kept getting inspectors with Level I certification telling me how little that certification actually helped them and I felt like that was too much money for just a piece of paper. I finally decided to go with you after seeing the video explaining certifications and how no one ever ask which certification you have or where or how you got it. I just wanted to be able to say I was Infrared Certified and yet also wanted some instruction that would help me as an inspector.