Getting Started with Infrared

I received this from Snell today- if anyones interested-its about 75 minutes long web/telephone training.

Training News from Snell Infrared
New Webinar: Getting Started with Infrared in Residential and Small Commercial Buildings
Date: Thursday, April 19 @ 1:15 EDT
**Price: **$79 USD
With the recent reduction in the cost of infrared cameras, many people are now considering them for building inspections. To be successful, however, you first need a solid foundation of camera operation and basic heat transfer theory, plus a background in building construction and performance issues associated with energy audits and moisture inspections. This webinar will introduce you to using infrared for building applications including the conditions needed, typical patterns detected and limitations of the technology.
View the 2007 Webinar Training Schedule for Spring/Summer Here:

Hi Jamie, could you give me some info on how you market these inspections and report them? Also, do you do any of these inspections for contractors, this may be residential or commercial.

The reason I ask is I’m interested in thermal imaging but not sure how to get started or the potential market. Thanks

Did you get a camera Jamie.

Hi Gary!
I have had cameras since I started over 2 years ago.:slight_smile: The friend that I bought the biz from started with Thermal and then went into home inspections.

Peter, I don’t really market the thermal the way I should, alot are with home ispections. The builders and contractors around here know my name and since I am the only one in the area, they can find me.
I did send out letters to builders, Hvac and plumbing companies last year and am planning on a marketing push later this year for energy surveys. (was planning to do this last year, but had life happen.:slight_smile:
One of the cameras companies puts on a 1 day class for thermal imaging just for home inspectors-I will try to find it for you. Also, Nick tried to put a free class on in Denver, but then changed it to Toronto due to lack of participants.

Thanks for the great info. Jamie, please keep us posted. I know the price of cameras is comming down and there is leese options as well.

Infrared? And here I thought a home inspection was ‘non-invasive’!:slight_smile:

And how do you figure an infrared scan of a home is invasive?:shock: